Scavengers: Midwinter’s Multiplayer Shooter Is Shown in the E3 Gameplay Trailer

Scavengers: Midwinter's Multiplayer Shooter Is Shown in the E3 Gameplay Trailer

The developers of Midwinter Entertainment seize the opportunity provided by E3 2019 to show the public of the video game festival Los Angeles the first gameplay trailer for Scavengers.

Announced in March last year, the intriguing TPS Scavengers is the new multiplayer shooter made by the Seattle-based development team by former 343 Industries creative director Josh Holmes along with 20 other experienced digital programmers, designers, and artists who have worked on the last chapters of the Halo and Battlefield FPS series.

The plot of Scavengers will focus on the deeds performed by the scavengers, a handful of warriors willing to do anything to defend their clan from the raiders’ outrageous assaults from the outer territories of a post-apocalyptic world plunged into a nuclear winter.

Among mutant beasts and extreme weather conditions, the playful offer of Scavengers will be particularly “lively”, as we can discover by scrolling through the first gameplay scenes proposed by American authors during the Los Angeles fair. The commercialization of this promising online shooter full of survival elements that seem to draw from the playful experience of Gears of War is expected by the end of 2019 : the title should arrive exclusively on PC, but with the concrete possibility of its transposition future on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should the project meet the tastes (and portfolios) of fans of the genre on PC.