Steam Looks Again: The Images of the New Design Leak out Online

Steam Looks Again The Images of the New Design Leak out Online

Steam dataminer report to have traced the images of the new interface of the Valve digital store among the most hidden (but not too obviously) folds of the latest client update of the Chinese version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As the amateur programmers gathered on Twitter in the dataminer collective of Steam Database, it seems that the next Steam redesign will pass through a series of minor updates that will affect the graphical interface of the official site and, above all, the downloadable application on PC, Mac OS, and Linux, as well as on iOS and Android mobile systems.

A quick look at the “work in progress” version of the new Steam design leaked from the CSGO update gives us the opportunity to note the different subdivision of the store cards, as well as the new module for the use of the objects,  unlocked through the natural progression in the gaming experience of titles (both paid and free to play) associated with your account. Before leaving you to the images of the leak on the Steam redesign, we remind you that in the past few days the BlueStacks PC gaming platform has launched the BlueStacks Inside system to bring existing mobile games on Steam and Discord “automatically”, that is without having to carry out any porting.