Darksiders Genesis: 24 Minutes of Gameplay From the E3 2019 Demo

Darksiders Genesis: 24 Minutes of Gameplay From the e3 2019 Demo

A few days after the announcement of Darksiders GenesisTHQ Nordic and Airship Syndicate showed the game in action with a gameplay video taken from the demo of the title present at E3 2019. The video, lasting 24 minutes, can be viewed on the top of the news.

Darksiders Genesis is presented as a spin-off action RPG of the saga dedicated to the Knights of the Apocalypse, set before the events narrated in the progenitor of the series. The game is developed by the study of Battle Chasers Nightwar, a title with which Darksiders Genesis shares different aspects of the game mechanics, starting from the isometric view and the presence of intense boss fight.

In the course of the adventure, we will be called to impersonate two playable characters: War (the protagonist of the first chapter of Darksiders) and the unpublished Conflict (it will be possible to pass instantly from one to the other).

The debut of Darksiders Genesis is scheduled for 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia. Waiting to know a more precise release date, we leave you with the vision of the new gameplay video reported at the top of the news.