Demo Coming June 27th for Dragon Quest Builders 2

Demo Coming June 27th for Dragon Quest Builders 2

Good news for fans of Dragon Quest Builders 2, as Square Enix has announced the arrival of a free demo for PlayStation 4, which will be available from June 27th, and with which players will be able to try the game dynamics and discover the new cast and new story.

For the occasion, a trailer was also released, showing the different places to be explored on the surface and underwater, illustrating the new construction dynamics and the various tools that will help us build and collect.

Bonuses are also provided for those who pre-order the game, for those who played the first Dragon Quest Builders, and for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Specifically:

  • An ornamental medicinal herb, Dragon Quest logo and ornamental Chimera wing in the game (included with all pre-orders)
  • Set magnets with heroes, building blocks and the iconic Slime (physical pre-orders only)
  • Elements to decorate your buildings with icons of sun, stars, moon and water, as well as a theme for PS4 (digital pre-orders only)
  • Pixel decorations and portraits of legendary heroes from 12 July (for PS Plus subscribers)
  • Classic complete from the original title builder and the throne of the obstinate Dragonlord (for players with a rescue of the first Dragon Quest Builders)

Finally, there will be a Digital Deluxe Edition which will include the season pass, which includes three downloadable DLCs, which will give access to recipes, hairstyles, clothing and new areas to explore.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be available starting July 12, 2019.