Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Cast of English Voice Actors Unveiled

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Cast of English Voice Actors Unveiled

During the Final Fantasy VII concert A Symphonic Reunion held before the classic E3 conference, Square Enix finally decided to announce the release date of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, set for March 3, 2020, on PlayStation 4.

Instead, during the media briefing itself, he made the fans – waiting for four years! – even happier showing a long sequence of gameplay, as well as a new trailer. From that moment on much other information emerged, such as the details on the Deluxe and 1st Class editions, the images of the $ 2,500 celebratory watches and, finally, the names of the English-speaking performers who will lend their voice to the iconic characters of the game. Here is the complete list:

  • Cloud: Cody Christian (All American, Teen Wolf)
  • Barret: John Eric Bentley (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Independence Day: Resurgence)
  • Aerith: Briana White (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Occupants)
  • Tifa: Britt Baron (GLOW)
  • Jessie: Erica Lindbeck (Spider-Man, Persona 5, ThunderCats Roar)
  • Biggs: Gideon Emery (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Teen Wolf)
  • Wedge: Matt Jones (Breaking Bad)
  • Sephiroth: Tyler Hoechlin

Cody Christian, it seems, will replace Steve Burton, who has been doubling Cloud since 2002. Burton has participated in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and the recent Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, among others. The reasons that prompted Square Enix to make this change are not known.