Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: First Details and Comparative Screenshots

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: First Details and Comparative Screenshots

The long-awaited E3 conference of Square Enix was held during the night, during which several surprises were announced. A catalyst for attention was definitely Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it is not the only chapter in the saga to have made its appearance during the show.

Square has indeed announced Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, which also has fairly short release times, given that it will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC by 2019, confirming the rumors on FFVIII that emerged in the past few hours, for the happiness of all the fans.

In the meantime the first details on remastered have arrived: the software house has, in fact, revealed that it will be possible to speed up the game up to three times more than normal (excluding, however, the videos) and that there is a ” Battle Assist ” mode, which it will make things a little easier for less savvy gamers.

In fact, by using it you will have the HP and the action bar to the maximum and it will be possible to use special moves at any time. Furthermore, Square Enix intends to include the possibility to activate or deactivate random matches.

Square has also released a couple of comparative screenshots between the original version and the remastered graphics, to give us an idea of ​​how the game will look visually.

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