Fortnite: All in Quarantine With the New Store Update

Fortnite: All in Quarantine With the New Store Update

Warning! Danger! If you want to avoid any contagion with the outside world, or if you are suffering from a sympathetic and pathological form of germophobia, perhaps the Fortnite shop has the right one for you, as a couple of themed skins arrived in the new update.

These are the epic Hazard Agent and Toxic Trooper skins, which for the modest sum of 1500 V-Bucks will isolate your character from the dangerous outside world full of germs and bacteria. But they are not the only skins on sale today, as there are also two uncommon outfits, called Aura and Guild. To complete the picture is the Ripple cover.

As for the Daily Sales, we find the splendid Epic Outfit Noir, 1500 V-Bucks, and the Recon Specialist skin, which costs 1200 instead of V-Bucks. Also on sale are the two Emote Smooth Moves and Dab, the Auto cleave pick and the Meltdown glider, which matches the Hazard Agenda and Toxic Trooper skins mentioned above.

It seems that there are also many new features coming to the Epic Games Battle Royale: the grenade launcher could reach Fortnite, and in the past few days there have been some leaks about the return of the zombies in Fortnite. Would you like it?