Fortnite: Prop-O-Matic Weapon Discovered, Prop Hunt Mode Coming?

Fortnite: Prop-O-Matic Weapon Discovered, Prop Hunt Mode Coming?

After unveiling the likely arrival of the Fortnite grenade launcher, the data miners continue to dig into the game code and discover new potential weapons and modes coming to Epic Games’ famous Battle Royale.

This time it seems to have been discovered a new weapon, called Prop-o-Matic, which should anticipate the arrival of a Fortnite time mode: Prop Hunt. According to the leak, in fact, the weapon in question should not cause either physical or structural damage, it does not have a multiplier for headshots and it has a single-bullet loader.

Here therefore revealed its probable operation: for those not familiar with this mode, prop hunt is a type of game already present in some titles like Call of Duty or Garry’s Mod, in which there is divided into two teams, hunters and seekers, that is a team that has to hide and one that has to find and eliminate the members of the other team.

However, those who hide have the opportunity to take on the appearance of any object on the map. So here is what the use of the Prop-o-Matic could be: by shooting the object in question, the player will take on the appearance, and will have to try not to be discovered by the members of the other team.

What do you think? Would you be happy with the arrival of this new mode?