Halo 5 on Project xCloud Is “Almost Indistinguishable” From Playing It Locally

Halo 5 on Project xCloud Is

The presence of Project xCloud at E3 2019 allowed the press to preview Microsoft’s streaming game service. According to a first test conducted on Halo 5, response times seem very promising.

This is what emerges from a road test conducted by an Ars Technica correspondent. The journalist played Halo 5 on a Samsung Galaxy S8 via Project xCloud, enjoying such a smooth gaming experience that it was almost indistinguishable from the local one on Xbox One.

The first tests carried out by the editors measured an input lag of 67ms, with only 4ms of difference compared to playing Halo 5 locally on Xbox One (where Digital Foundry had measured an input lag of 63ms). A remarkable result, at least based on the first approximate tests conducted so far.

To make a comparison with a competing technology like Google Stadia, Google ‘s streaming game service has so far managed to handle only 166ms of input lag, at least according to the latest demonstrations hosted at the GDC last March.

Of course, the response times can vary significantly with respect to different parameters, starting from the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi connection and the game played in streaming. To learn more, therefore, all that remains is to wait for the next Project xCloud tests coming up in October, thanks to which users will be able to play with Xbox One library titles on any streaming enabled device.