Microsoft Announces the X019, New Edition of the Xbox Theme Celebratory Event

Microsoft Announces the x019, New Edition of the Xbox Theme Celebratory Event

A few hours from the end of his E3 2019 conference, and in the closing stages of the new Inside Xbox episode, Microsoft officially announced the X019, the next edition of the celebratory event entirely dedicated to the Xbox world.

Just as happened last year, even during the X019, which will be held in London in November, we would expect the arrival of interesting news regarding gaming on Windows 10 and Xbox. 

Since we are inexorably approaching the next videogame generation, and now the Redmond giant has officially removed Project Scarlett’s veils, it is reasonable to expect more details on the new Microsoft-branded console. 

Another topic of great interest would obviously be Project xCloud, the gaming platform that will be launched in the trial version in October and that will allow you to stream your Xbox One game library on a multitude of devices, including smartphones, PCs, and smart TVs.