PES 2020 Officially Announced by Konami, Is Released in September

PES 2020 Officially Announced by Konami, Is Released in September

Konami Digital Entertainment announced today, during the 2019 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, eFootball PES 2020 (PES 2020), the new chapter of the PES series.

Embellished by the image of Barcelona’s global striker and superstar, Lionel Messi, the standard edition of PES 2020 is now available for booking in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Steam versions.

“When I was a boy I often wondered what the player I would find on the cover of PES was, I am honored to have been chosen for eFootball PES 2020. My son is a PES player and many times he asked me why I was not there me on the cover of the game, now is very proud that the cover star is his father”, commented Lionel Messi, Barcelona striker.

Players will also be able to purchase the Legend Edition, which will only be available in a digital version and which will feature the famous Brazilian soccer icon Ronaldinho on the cover. The other bonus contents of the Legend Edition for myClub mode include a 2019 version of Ronaldinho obtained thanks to an exclusive 3D scan and Messi loan for 10 meetings. By booking the game you will also get Andrés Iniesta and 1,000 myClub coins.

PES 2020 leads the way in a new decade where football simulations will play an increasingly important role, with the firm intention to revolutionize the world of eFootball and bring this sport to an even wider global audience. The PES series continues in its constant search for the purest realism, always keeping in mind the comments and requests of fans to make significant changes that allow you to experience every moment of the game with a sense of complete freedom and control. The important changes introduced include a revised version of the Master League, a new mode called Matchday and a new look for all the menus in the game.

Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director of Brand & Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment BV added: “Today’s eFootball PES 2020 announcement and our new positioning only confirm our company’s commitment to the emerging reality of eFootball and confirm the progress we have made in this direction with the previous versions of PES with our continuous investments in PES LEAGUE and in eFootball.Pro tournaments We want to constantly raise quality in the field of football simulation and we are extremely excited about the future of eFootball PES series “.

The advice of legendary midfielder Andrés Iniesta has allowed the game to focus in a renewed way on immersion and authenticity thanks to a new dynamic dribbling technique called Finesse Dribble that best reproduces the Spanish champion’s innate ability to read the game and to constantly find ways to overcome even the toughest defenses.

Ronaldinho, one of the greatest talents of Brazilian and world football ever, will bring his unique style to PES 2020, thanks to a series of animations that will allow players to move just like him, using his excellent technique and his fluid movements to mercilessly beat the opponent in turn, along with some of his techniques in the first touch, like the control with the chest and the back.

A renewed Master League
There will be important changes also in one of the fan favorite modes, the Master League, through a new and enhanced dialogue management system that will allow the player to better control the progression of the story. Players will be able to choose the most suitable answers to create their own story within the Master League.

The transfer market in PES 2020 will be managed by a brand new algorithm that will include transfer costs, salaries and other important elements aligned to real football.

Other new features include:

  • Create and customize the logos of the sponsors that will be shown on the board behind the interviews and in the main menu of the Master League
  • Customize the appearance of the coach with a greater degree of freedom thanks to the advanced 3D scanning technology that has allowed to have a complete choice of different body types and heights.
  • Play the Master League using as an avatar one of the many legendary trainers available such as Zico, Cruyff, and Maradona

A new mode: Matchday

The new PES 2020 mode, Matchday summarizes the essence of football culture in a competitive format that takes the viewer to the forefront of the playing field. You will have to choose one of the two teams present at the beginning of each weekly event, each successful pass and every goal scored will contribute to bringing precious points for the final victory of your chosen team.

New PES players and seasoned veterans will join forces to take advantage of the training up to the Grand Final. When each weekly event comes to an end, the results of all the Group Games played will be evaluated to find the user who has best performed in each of the two sides. These users will be chosen as representatives of the team and will acquire the right to participate in the Grand Final defending the fortunes of the chosen alignment – the final matches can be followed entirely in streaming within the Matchday mode.

Other features of the game
In addition to the Master League and Matchday mode, several changes were introduced in PES 2020 as a result of fan requests. These include updated game mechanics and new techniques for stopping the ball, accuracy in shots and passages influenced based on the position on the field and the game context, more realistic defenses with the addition of the intentional foul, an adaptive system of player interaction that reproduces the personalities of the players on the pitch and much more.

The most beautiful game in the world has never been re-proposed so perfectly and in PES 2020 an advanced lighting management system will be introduced, improved footballer models, intermission videos and realistic replays. There will also be a brand new preset shot to restore the feeling of the television broadcasts of the games. 

eFootball PES 2020 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Steam on September 10th. The game is available in two versions: it will have the unattainable Lionel Messi on the cover of the standard edition, Ronaldinho will appear on the cover of the Legend Edition.