Red Dead Online Welcomes the Sport of the Kings, a New Way of Surrendering Accounts

Red Dead Online Welcomes the Sport of the Kings, a New Way of Surrendering Accounts

Fight your horse to get the torch and go through all your team’s signaling fires to win in Sport of the Kings.

Red Dead Online’s new Showdown mode is a real test of riding for two teams (from four to eight players): it uses short shotgun rifles for close-quarters and the bow with a single explosive arrow to collect on both sides of the path to making the situation fairer.

New clothes added & Bonus
This week the Wheeler catalog, Rawson and Co. have been enriched with three new clothing items. Protect your head, neck, and shoulders from the sun in full style thanks to the rope Sombrero. The Gibbston Pants, with leather inserts and visible seams on the sides, are perfect for both the city and the wildest environments. Finally, we have a black version of the Poncho Chuparosa, hand-woven south of the Frontier and sent to Wheeler’s warehouse, Rawson & Co. Wear it for an easygoing and affable look.

In addition, for the next two weeks all players who reach at least rank 10 will receive a package of stocks that includes special baits and arrows, such as poisoned ones, very powerful weapons capable of cutting down large game; normally they are made using arrows, feathers, and oleander after acquiring the Notes for poisoned arrows.

Players who have achieved at least rank 20 will have an additional package with provisions and large game meat, such as big game mint meat, which is usually cooked after picking mint and large game meat and turning the Core golden of health.

Pack of stocks per rank 10

  • Arrows for the small game: x20
  • Incendiary arrows: x20
  • Poisoned arrows: x20
  • Lures for carnivores: x5
  • Baits for herbivores: x5

Pack of stocks per rank 20

  • Mint big game meat: x3
  • Large game meat with oregano: x3
  • Big game meat with thyme: x3
  • Stewed beans: x10
  • Canned meat: x10
  • Canned salmon: x10
  • Jolly Jack’s: x10
  • Cocaine rubbers: x10
  • Moonshine: x5
  • Gin: x5
  • Guarma rum: x5
  • Quality brandy: x5

To achieve the rank requirements, take advantage of the 30% increase in PE in all activities during this week.