Shenmue 3, Limited Run Games Collector’s Edition Unveiled

Shenmue 3, Limited Run Games Collector's Edition Unveiled

During his showcase at E3 2019, Limited Run Games announced the Collector’s Edition of Shenmue 3 for PC and PlayStation 4 which will be made, like all the company’s products, in very limited quantities.

This wonderful collectors’ edition will include a copy of the game, a set of stickers depicting animals, characters and symbols typical of the game’s iconography, a series of patches, a desk lamp in the shape of a Shoji door and a closable mirror, with a dragon depicted on one side, and a phoenix on the other. You can get a very precise idea about the contents included by looking at the image at the beginning of the news.

The launch of the Collector’s Edition of Shenmue 3 is fixed in an unspecified day in November (the title, remember, will be published on November 19th). At the time of writing, neither the price nor the edition of this edition is known. Preorders have not yet been opened.