There Will Be No More Backwards Compatible Titles on Xbox One

There Will Be No More Backwards Compatible Titles on Xbox One

In the past few hours, Microsoft has announced 23 new backwards compatible titles that will be added to the Xbox One catalogue, along with the arrival of 8 Xbox One X Enhanced titles. In a blog post, the Redmond giant has explained that they will be the last games for which backward compatibility will be added.

Microsoft needs to concentrate on the development of Project Scarlett, which will also be backwards compatible, even if it is not yet clear how. It was indeed confirmed that Project Scarlett will be equipped with optical support, so compatibility could even be preserved through the original disks themselves, but we are still in the field of hypotheses.

Phil Spencer announced during the Inside Xbox on the occasion of the E3, that with the new Microsoft console it will be possible to play the titles of all four generations of Xbox.

“We are focusing on the future of compatibility” reads the blog post. “Four years later, compatibility remains a priority for Xbox, for our community, and for our developers and their games, and preserving the video game art form is part of our DNA.”

For the moment, therefore, we can not help but wait, but the backward compatibility will remain one of the features that Microsoft will not want to do without.