Cyberpunk 2077: Details of the New 50-Minute Demo Leaked Online

Cyberpunk 2077: Details of the New 50-Minute Demo Leaked Online

Are you curious to find out what was shown to journalists during the closed presentation of Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 2019? Then we have all the information you need since the first details of the 50-minute demo have already appeared on the net.

Here is everything you need to know:

  • In the game, there will be a day/night cycle
  • There will be no uploads between the game areas
  • The game has a system of “mixed” classes, so choosing a skill such as hacking will not preclude us from being able to become good with firearms
  • The demo is located in the middle of the adventure, a special microchip containing the secrets of immortality was implanted with V
  • Johnny Silverhand, the character played by Keanu Reeves, died and returned as a digital ghost to torment V. From time to time we will hear his voice through the chip in the main character’s head and in some cases he will act as a storyteller.
  • In some cases, we may even see a hologram of Johnny Silverhand, surrounded by a blue aura just like in the trailer
  • The Voodoo-Boys, a group of net-runners with Haitian origins, will provide V support
  • The game includes numerous options for customization, thanks to which we will be able to change hair color, skin color, eye color and details on the face of V. There is no lack of the possibility of changing V’s clothes and, also, in this case, the options for customization are endless
  • The PNG that will allow us to change the appearance of V can tease us based on the changes made
  • In a mission, we will enter a church to meet the Vodoo-Boys and we will have to move among the crowd while the priest says mass
  • The Voodoo-Boys contact asks us to go to a butcher and ask about a certain Placide
  • On the streets, there is graffiti with the words “Where is Johnny?”, References to the character of Keanu Reeves
  • The demo is set in Pacifica, an area of ​​the city that initially had to be dedicated to the richest citizens and, due to the lack of investments, ended up falling into ruin
  • The protagonist is able to translate some languages ​​in real time, provided of course that he has installed the relevant upgrade (the skills influence the dialogues and the possible choices)
  • Around Pacifica, it is possible to see different structures that recall Santa Monica, in California
  • Among the most dangerous characters of Pacifica, there are the “Animals”, a gang that gives itself to robberies and other disreputable activities and lives in a sort of abandoned shopping center
  • In this area of ​​the map, it is possible to visit the Grann’s Tech Shop, it is an ex-hotel transformed into a store of upgrades, which cannot all be purchased
  • One of the skills is called Demon Software
  • Once we meet Placide, we can decide whether to carry out his mission or, with the necessary abilities, hack his computer and get the information we need
  • Placide will ask us to free the base of the Animals, the GIM, and to verify that everything goes well, he will connect us to see through our eyes
  • To reach the goal it is possible to drive the yaibi Kuzanaki, the same bike present in yesterday’s teaser and in the collector’s edition of the game. On board the vehicle it is also possible to change the radio station as happens, for example, in GTA
  • On board the vehicles it is possible to pass from the first to the third person by pressing a button
  • Once at the GIM we can decide the approach to use for the mission: aggressive or stealthy. In the vicinity, there will also be Voodoo-Boys who could give us a hand in case of difficulty
  • Unlike normal enemies, Animals are more aggressive due to a kind of drug called Juice, which makes them even stronger
  • On the heads of the enemies, as in most RPGs, a level indicator will appear. In this case, the Animals are level 18
  • At one point Voodoo-Boys and Animals start fighting and we can take advantage of it to sneak in behind them and introduce us into the building.
  • Although V has a submachine gun, he can decide whether or not to have a lethal approach. In any case, unconscious bodies can be moved to prevent someone from seeing them
  • In this regard, it seems possible to end the whole adventure without ever eliminating a single enemy, a bit as seen in Deus Ex
  • In front of the closed doors, we can decide whether to find the key, look for secret passages that allow us to reach the room, open it by force or hack the lock through a mini-game
  • In one room there are gangsters who train to fight with a robot. V can hack the bot to make it more aggressive and push it to hit one of the Animals with violence
  • The hacking can also concern other objects of the scenario, which we can activate remotely to distract the guards and furtively continue
  • The developers have activated a development tool to go back and tackle some sections of the quest differently, for example by breaking through the door that was previously hacked. This choice has led to being more aggressive and eliminating some guards through the use of blades installed on the arms
  • The skill tree resembles a motherboard and among the upgrades, there are those concerning two-handed weapons, precision rifles, melee with firearms and many others
  • Among the abilities, there is also the possibility to use an enemy as a shield or to subtract the firearm and then use it immediately
  • Some abilities are quite violent and a lot of blood will flow on the screen
  • The feedback of the shots looks great and for example, hitting an enemy’s leg will cause it to fall to the ground
  • The whip seen in yesterday’s Teaser, the Monowire, can be used both to fight and to hack objects at a distance such as turrets, which can fight on our side
  • Eliminate all the enemies we will climb on the goal, a van of NetWatch, agency dedicated to fighting cybercrime
  • Thanks to the Demon Software upgrade it is possible to hack enemies and, for example, make them commit suicide with a grenade to simplify our work considerably
  • During the escape, we will be attacked by Sasquatch, the woman in charge of the Animals, who fights with a huge hammer. This is a real boss fight and one of the ways to eliminate it is to hit its weak point, highlighted by a glow so that it drops the hammer and becomes vulnerable to our attacks
  • During the fight the woman could grab us and try to hack us, eliminating us
  • Different elements of the scenario can be destroyed and, among these, we find some walls and roofs (in some cases it is also possible to see the holes of the bullets)
  • At the end of the fight, we will arrive in an old abandoned theater, where a NetWatch agent tells us that Placide will kill us once the work is completed
  • While waiting for the player to make a decision, the NPC will continue to tell us some sentences, so there will be no silence when choosing an answer
  • The answers we will be able to give to the agent will be different and, among these, the developers decide to stun him and hack him to get information on Bridgette, the person with whom V is trying to get in touch
  • Without this, we will be struck by something and, upon awakening, Johnny will be there to comment on the situation, claiming that the NetWatch agent was right about Placide and his plans
  • In the case of a quick trip, we will see a loading screen
  • Once back at Placide, Bridgette will be waiting for us next to the man and he knows perfectly the history of the chip. V will ask you to meet Alt Cunningham, another NPC
  • At this point, Bridgette will guide us to the hideout of the Voodoo Boys
  • The demo ends with an attempt to track Cunningham using Johnny as bait, but something goes wrong and a screen appears on the screen that closely resembles that seen in the Matrix

Waiting to discover new information directly from our correspondents in Los Angeles, we remind you that the game will arrive on 16 April 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC and in the limited edition a statue of V will be included