Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: The New E3 Video Is Dedicated to History

After obtaining a space among the announcements of the E3 2019 conference of Microsoft, Goku returns in action with a new video game of Dragon Ball Z that shows us one of the innumerable missions that we will carry out during the main campaign of the next adventure branded Bandai Namco.

Just as we were able to discover in these hectic days that anticipated the opening of E3 Los Angelino, the new roleplaying action effort developed in collaboration with Cyberconnect will see Goku and his friends counteract the evil Red Ribbon Army and the ranks of aliens that threaten the quiet life of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Through the artistic language that so many joys has given to fans of the Akira Toriyama manga , the project of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will break the rhythm of the frantic battles fought by Goku and his companions with more “reasoned” game sessions in which we can move freely between the different settings to interact with the secondary characters and get valuable information from them to progress through the story.

So take a look at the new Dragon Ball Z Kakarot video and tell us what you think of the latest Bandai Namco epic for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One waiting for launch no later than the first half of 2020.