Fortnite 9.21: Here Are All the News for the Royal Battle Mode!

Fortnite 9.21: Here Are All the News for the Royal Battle Mode!

The update 9.21 of Fortnite introduces in the famous game developed by Epic Games a wide range of novelties for the Royal Battle Mode: here are all the details!

First of all, the new update introduces a new weapon into the Battle Royale, capable of firing a bouncing explosive projectile that, after traversing a parabolic trajectory, explodes in the vicinity of the opponents: on Playcrazygame pages, you can already find all the details on the Grenade Launcher Proximity. The latter, however, is not the only novelty introduced by the 9.21 update.

In fact, the Royal Battle Mode includes new features related to the rotation of Time Modes . In particular, they begin:

  • MAT Colposecco Couples : inside the players have fifty health points and have only precision weapons in their personal arsenal, while the only curative objects are bandages. The reduced gravity also makes the challenge even more compelling;
  • MAT Shooting the Horde: it is a cooperative time mode for four players. These will have to act as a team to defeat the dangerous fairs that have invaded the island of Fortnite, in a MAT divided into stages. Inside you will have to defend areas and face the fairs. Players will be able to take advantage of the Regeneration feature until the last stage, which will force them to face a Fair boss flanked by a horde of enemies. But fear not: special chests of the loot will provide you with powerful weapons and score bonuses. However, we point out that the latter is not immediately available, but will be activated only starting from June 13th.

We also take the opportunity to inform you that the new update, in addition to the aforementioned Lanciagranate Proximity weapon , has introduced interesting innovations in the Creative Mode.