Fortnite Offline on June 12th: Update 9.21 Arrives!

Fortnite Offline on June 12th: Update 9.21 Arrives!

With a slight delay on the roadmap, Epic Games announced the arrival of the Fortnite 9.21 patch, available today after the usual maintenance operations that will send Fortnite offline for a few hours during the morning.

Specifically the Fortnite down is scheduled for 10:00 am (GMT +2), at the moment we do not know when the game will remain online but being a real update and not just a simple Content Update the times could be longer than expected and Fortnite will probably come back online between 12:00 and 14:00, (GMT +2).

But what will this update bring? At the moment, the only certainty concerns the new Proximity Launcher weapon while there are no further details on other upcoming content, which could include challenges, events, and map changes.

While waiting for the official changelog, we remind you that PlayStation Plus subscribers can now download the Fortnite PS4 Celebration Package free of charge, which includes three items: Blue Coaxial Hang Glider, Blue Fusion, and Load Screen.