Fortnite, Update 9.21: All the News About Creative Mode

Fortnite, Update 9.21: All the News About Creative Mode

As announced, this morning the 9.21 update of Fortnite has arrived, adding some small changes to the Creative Mode, the most important of which is obviously the introduction of the Lancegranate of Proximity in Fortnite, which has begun to be rumored already a few days ago.

The weapon makes a parabolic trajectory that fires a bouncing explosive projectile, which explodes in the vicinity of an opponent. It will be possible to find it in epic and legendary rarities, use rocket ammunition and contain two explosive ammunition. The bullets explode automatically after ten seconds, or if they are almost stopped.

News also for prefabricated buildings, with the addition of:

  • Roadside gallery garage
  • Floor gallery: grass and mud, forest and grass, grass and forest, sand and stone
  • Dinosaur objects gallery

Finally, a small bug was corrected that caused problems in aligning the texts on the posters prior to version 9.20. All other news can be found in the official patch notes, released by Epic Games.

Waiting for the servers to come back online, what do you think of these new additions? Are you already anxious to try the new grenade launcher?