Fortnite Update 9.21: The Plasmatron 9000 Arrives in the Save the World Mode

Fortnite Update The Plasmatron 9000 Arrives in the Save the World Mode

Fortnite’s servers are currently still offline, due to Fortnite update 9.21, which will bring some little news to Epic Games’ famous Battle Royale. Let’s see together the ones that will concern the World Save mode.

new simulation of WarGames is coming soon, which will bring new chances to get event tickets, a new banner and daily tasks of various types. In this simulation, called Reverse, an unstable bomb will teleport to different points in its base, and the Outcasts will be attracted by its energy and try to destroy it. The player’s task will be to defend every new position of the bomb.

In addition, in the weekly shop, a new weapon has arrived: the Plasmatron 9000. It is a short-range automatic pistol with a moderate rate of fire. The plasma rings that shoot, expand and pierce the enemies.

Among the other news to report, some social improvements (some pop-up messages have been added regarding voice chat) and the usual bug fixes and errors of various types.

To learn more, we refer you to the official patch notes released by Epic Games, while in our site you will find all the information on the Creative Mode news and the changes to the Royal Battle mode brought by the update 9.21 of Fortnite.