New Super Lucky’s Tale: Playful Unveils the New Platform for Nintendo Switch

New Super Lucky's Tale: Playful Unveils the New Platform for Nintendo Switch

During the Nintendo Direct of E3 2019, that gave us the announcement of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 for Switch and the launch date of Animal Crossing New Horizons, the authors of Playful Studios presented the project of New Super Lucky’s on video Such, also intended for Nintendo Switch.

In this new adventure of his, the young fox known in the first act of this sparkling intellectual property inspired by Super Mario and Banjo Kazooie will have to embark on a new journey into the unknown.

The title will include the remastered and updated version of all levels of the original game, as well as many new settings and the possibility for the user to change the position of the camera to improve the gameplay experience and appreciate the work done by the artist’s digital media from the Dallas software house.

The alternation between completely three-dimensional worlds and scrolling levels should contribute to making the play offer even more original and varied: also, for this reason, the guys at Playful wanted to redesign from scratch the animations of the protagonist and the moving elements that will bead the scenery. In the presentation video proposed by the American developers, we can admire the variety of levels that will make up the microcosm platformer of New Super Lucky’s Tale on Nintendo Switch by the end of this year.