Project xCloud Will Be Free and Paid Depending on How It Is Used

Project xCloud Will Be Free and Paid Depending on How It Is Used

While having talked about it on stage at E3 2019 in Los Angeles, Phil Spencer has not clarified all the doubts related to Project xCloud, Microsoft’s streaming gaming platform that we do not yet know at best, neither its true potential nor it’s model distribution on the market.

In a recent interview published by The Verge, Spencer pointed out that the E3 was deliberately a stunted presentation of xCloud, and that the Redmond giant has not yet decided internally what will be the definitive business model to be adopted.

However, the Xbox leader has made one thing clear: xCloud will be available in two different ways. As already explained at E3, those who already own an Xbox One console will be able to play their software library, including Xbox Game Pass games, for free (at least under test), in case you have an active subscription. You can play anywhere you want, even outside the home, on a variety of devices. This means that your console will become a real data center that will support the streaming service.

On the contrary, if you are not an Xbox One owner – or if you are not an Xbox Scarlett in the future – you will still have the option of using xCloud, clearly for a fee. In this case, Microsoft will directly connect to an Azure data center, tracing the route taken by Google Stadia. 

We reiterate that all this will be valid during the test phase to be held in October, we do not know what the company’s plans are for the final launch of the service. In the same interview, Spencer also added that some kind of bundle with Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud “would make a lot of sense” in the future.