GTA Online: Rockstar Games Confirms the Opening of the GTA Vinewood Casino 5

GTA Online

The leaders of Rockstar Games confirm the rumors of recent weeks and, taking advantage of the media visibility offered by E3 2019, announces the imminent opening of the Vinewood Casino, a place where you can gamble on the GTA multiplayer dimension Online.

The inauguration of the new meeting point for all gambling lovers should take place “very soon” , as reported by the authors of the Grande R from Twitter pages after showing us the animated logo of the new GTA Online update.

Within this logo we can glimpse Poker cards , a roulette wheel and tokens with the dollar symbol , three elements representing gambling games that we will probably be able to access once we have crossed the digital threshold of the new Vinewood Casino that will liven up the nights of tourists with accordion wallets and the most affluent inhabitants of residential neighborhoods north of Los Santos.

Even the Red Dead Redemption 2 Western Frontier was recently updated with a free update for Red Dead Online which concluded its Beta phase and introduced gambling represented by the multiplayer challenges of Poker.