Marvel’s Avengers: Ant-Man Is the First Free DLC, Here Is the Trailer in 4K

Marvel's Avengers: Ant-Man

One of the undisputed protagonists of the Square Enix conference, Marvel’s Avengers immediately made things clear: all the Avengers will be free, as will the additional regions. In this regard, we propose the high definition trailer of the first DLC: Ant-Man.

The publisher of the highly anticipated game as a service has indeed published on the Marvel Entertainment channel the video that closed the Square Enix conference of E3 2019. As it is possible to see, to take on the role of the particular superhero will not be Scott Lang as seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films but Hank Pym, the scientist who created the technology that makes it possible to shrink and magnify both one’s own body and that of his opponents. In the trailer we see in fact Ant-Man use a sort of gun that makes a huge spider-robot harmless simply by drastically reducing its size.

Before leaving you on the 4K video, we remind you that Marvel’s Avengers will hit the shelves of all stores on May 15th, 2020 in the following versions: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

Did you know that the design of Marvel’s Avengers superheroes is not definitive? It seems that the developers do not exclude the possibility of making some changes to them.