Marvel’s Avengers: New Heroes and New Regions Will Be Free

Marvel's Avengers:

In Game as a Service, it becomes more and more important to become able to progressively enrich the game content without causing possible splits within the player communities.

Taking as an example the franchise of The Division, we saw how Ubisoft changed course in the second chapter deciding to make all the looter-shooter expansions completely free for its users. This will help keep the game userbase together and compact. 
On the contrary, with Destiny 2 Bungie has pursued its classic approach that involves the purchase of both the basic game and post-launch expansions. The software house then changed strategy when, just a few days ago, it announced that Destiny 2 would embrace the free-to-play model (with expansions always paid).

Next year it will be the turn of Crystal Dynamics that with its Marvel’s Avengers has the daunting task of satisfying the very high demands of the Avengers fans. In a recent interview, the software house outlined its personal strategy in view of the progressive evolution of the gaming experience. As stated on the PCGamesN microphones, players will be able to try new heroes and new regions that will be added for free.

Having specifically talked about these two elements, it is possible that Crystal Dynamics is keeping out of the speech the cosmetic elements that could instead be sold through microtransactions. At the moment, however, they have no certainty of any kind in this regard. If you are interested in learning more about the GaaS of Square-Enix, which we remember to be arriving on May 15th, 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.