New Hollow Knight Silksong Gameplay Video for PC and Switch From Nintendo Treehouse

Hollow Knight Silksong

Team Cherry’s volcanic Australian development team attended the new instalment of the Nintendo Treehouse at E3 2019 to show us some new Hollow Knight Silksong game scenes, the second act of their exquisite Metroidvania adventure for PC and Switch.

The new Odyssey that awaits the Hallownest princess, Hornet, will allow us to explore incredibly well-kept environments full of puzzles to discover in a kaleidoscopic microcosm populated by sympathetic (and disturbing) sentient insects.

While maintaining the role-playing action that so many joys has given to those who have experimented with the challenges of the first chapter, Silksong will try to beat original roads to take on even more epic contours thanks to the possibility, for Hornet’s emulators, of experimenting with greater freedom of action and movement to raise the fun rate offered by boss battles and minor creatures for a total of 150 new enemies .

Fans of the series will be able to explore “golden cities, lakes of fire and misty moors”, as Silksong’s official website states in depicting the graphic, playful and narrative framework of a work that promises to write one of the most radiant pages of modern Metroidvania scrolling. The launch date of Hollow Knight Silksong on PC and Nintendo Switch has not yet been announced, although the advanced stage of development suggested by the gameplay scenes of the E3 2019 Treehouse leads us to look at the end of the year as the period most likely marketing for this project.