Todd Howard of Bethesda: Starfield’s Space Travel Will Be Dangerous and Authentic

Todd Howard of Bethesda: Starfield's Space Travel Will Be Dangerous and Authentic

Speaking at the E3 Coliseum 2019 to discuss the latest news related to Bethesda video games, the executive producer of the US development and production company Todd Howard revealed an interesting detail about the gameplay dynamics that we will experience in Starfield’s sci-fi universe.

In urging fans to be patient, the Bethesda boss Game Studios explained that the team he directed is working to ensure that Starfield can offer an “authentic” and capable sci-fi experience, as far as possible, to approach the topic of space travel in a scientific and realistic way.

The ships with which we can move from one point of the galaxy to another, for example, will be subject to the rules of physics and gravity. The engines of these spacecraft, moreover, will be powered by the Elio 3 , a not particularly exotic fuel (compared to other forms of fuel or engines used in science fiction literature) that leads us to believe that Starfield can be a game set in a period between the end of the 21st century and the second half of the 22nd, ie between 2075 and 2150 . According to Todd Howard, in fact, space travel in Starfield “will be dangerous, a bit like when they decided to fly by plane in the 1940s”. Let us, therefore, expect a story and a gaming experience heavily influenced by malfunctions and unexpected events caused by interstellar travel.

However, Howard’s statements do not help us understand how long we will have to wait before we can circle the stars aboard Starfield’s ships. Recently, however, several rumours have raised the hypothesis that the dubbing sessions of TES 6 and Starfield have just begun, an element that, if confirmed, would shift the release of the title to the first years of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett life cycle.