Will Pokemon Sword and Shield Switch Have at Least 71 New Pokemon?

Will Pokemon Sword and Switch Shield Have at Least 71 New Pokemon?

From the pages of Famitsu, Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori of Game Freak return to talk about Pokemon Sword and Shield to reveal the number of new Pokemon they intend to introduce in the colorful dimension of the double open world blockbuster for Nintendo Switch.

Based on the transcript of the interview with Famitsu offered to us by colleagues from NintendoSoup and by the ever attentive community of Reddit, Masuda and Ohmori have expressed their intention to take advantage of the new project of Pokemon Sword and Shield to bring the total number of creatures of the franchise to exceed the 1,000 total Pokemon threshold .

To succeed in this aim, therefore, the authors of Game Freak have already planned the development of at least 71 new Pokemon, to which others could be added (especially if not Galar) through post-launch updates.

As for the controversy fueled in recent days by the announcement of the absence of Pokemon not coming from the region of Galar and, above all, by the confirmation of the impossibility of collecting in their Pokedex all the Pokemon encountered during the adventure, the two Japanese developers they considered it necessary to state that they had taken this decision reluctantly but that, thanks to this choice, it will be possible to realize high-quality animations for the Pokemon that will make their appearance in the title.

Before leaving you any further comments to the declarations of the Japanese authors, we remind you that Pokemon Sword and Shield will arrive on Nintendo Switch on November 15th and that on these pages you can read the very rich special on Pokemon Sword and Shield from E3 2019 signed of Cydonia.