Will the Leviathans Invade the Apex Legends Map in Season 2?

The boys of Respawn have confirmed their willingness not to bring the Titans into Apex Legends, but this does not preclude the arrival of novelties called “colossal” in the battle royale universe of Electronic Arts’ free shooter.

A mysterious message published by US developers on the pages of their official Instagram profile suggests the arrival, on the map of Kings Canyon, of a real Leviathan invasion.

In the hectic days that anticipated the opening of E3 2019, the Apex Legends community had already noticed that these gigantic and, for the moment, peaceful creatures had begun to move, changing position but always remaining in the placid waters of the Canyon of the King’s Island.

The cryptic message of Respawn takes on the contours of a bulletin that records the movements of one of these Leviathans: “L001 is moving southward at a speed of ten kilometres an hour after a rest interval of sixteen hours. This represents an “Another significant reduction in rest time. We suspect that L001 is beginning to show signs of stress and territorial behaviour. We will continue to collect data and attempt to determine the problem. 

Another sign of the upcoming Leviathan invasion is offered by a Reddit user who claims to have discovered, in the folds of the Origin client, a picture depicting these colossal creatures in the centre of the Apex Legends map. While waiting to see what’s cooking, we remind you that Apex Legends Season 2 will start on July 2nd and bring the new Wattson Legend and a cooperative mode.