Contra Rogue Corps: Konami Says No to Microtransactions

Contra Rogue Corps: Konami Says No to Microtransactions

We have almost lost count of the many games presented in the context of Nintendo Direct E3 2019. Among those that have attracted the most attention of the fans of the old school is certainly the announcement of Contra Rogue Ops, new chapter of the historic series of Konami will be released on September 26th on Switch.

From the video, it is clear that we will be facing a twin-stick-shooter with full support for cooperative mode, both locally and online. Additional information emerged from an interview with director and producer Nobuya Nakazato at 4Gamer. To begin with, the title will completely dispense with microtransactions“Our intention is to create a game in which it is possible to live a rowdy and enjoyable experience without having to think too much, so we have not added them. to entertain people simply by making them shoot, it will be magnificent”.

Regarding the playability of the title, instead, he reported: “From the control point of view, it has become a twin-stick shooter, so you might think that it is an experience different from the other Contra. Unlike the other congeners, in “In any case, there are different levels of elevation and you can use the famous rotating jump in combat. The classic bosses will also appear, so keep an eye on them.”

If you are looking for a way to kill the wait ahead of September 26th, know that the Contra Anniversary Collection is already available on Nintendo eShop, which includes 10 classic games from the series and a 74-page e-book for the price of 19.99 EUR.