Fortnite Fortbyte 14: Located in an Arcade Location

Fortbyte 14
Fortbyte 14

Fortbyte hunting activities continue in the game, peculiar chips introduced in the battle royale during the launch of Fortnite Season 9. Let’s find out the location of the Fortbyte # 14 located in an arcade location.

The latter are progressively making their appearance on the map of the game island, pushing gamers to devote themselves to exploration, in an attempt to collect them all. As you can see at the bottom of this news, Fortnite’s official Twitter account has announced that Fortbyte number 14 also made its debut in the game: so let’s find out together where it is and how to get it.

The location of the Fortbyte # 14 located in an arcade location

This new component is inside an arcade station. To reach this particular location, you will have to head east of the Mega Mall area and reach a structure very similar to a farm or a country farmhouse. Making your way through a series of vehicles, you can reach the Fortbyte 14, which is right next to a small table. For a visual reference, you can take a look at the video you find at the beginning of this news: good hunting!