Launch and Price of Google Stadia: NPD Analysts Have Doubts

Launch and Price of Google Stadia: NPD Analysts Have Doubts

After indicating to Nintendo the most successful publisher of 2019, Mat Piscatella of the NPD group rewound the tape of the E3 2019 announcements and explained that Google Stadia, the new console for the Big G game streaming, should not have a deep impact on the gaming industry in the short term.

“I was expecting much more in-depth details on the upcoming Stadia game streaming services than they revealed during the E3 show ,  the NPD analyst said, referring to the Stadia Connect that anticipated the Los Angeles fair, adding that ” the exclusive contents announced for the service, which proved to be fundamental for the successful commercial use of a console in its debut on the market, was limited and relatively small compared to traditional console launches “ .

Piscatella also underlines how “Google Stadia has the support of some third-party publishers, while many questions remain about how the service will work once launched on the market, if for example there is enough content to induce users to embrace the streaming service of Google and consumers will be able to easily navigate within an offer that could be accepted, I have doubts about Google Stadia, especially when the platform is launched, and for this reason I don’t expect it to have a significant impact on the video game market in 2019 “ .

The conclusions reached by Mat Piscatella of the NPD group, on the other hand, underline the same critical points reported in the special on Google Stadia at E3 2019made by Gabriele Laurino. And you, what do you think of Google Stadia’s 4K cloud gaming promise? Do you think that the infinite economic (but also technological) resources at the disposal of the Mountain View giant will allow the streaming platform to carve out space in the future panorama of the videogame industry since its launch or, on the contrary, will struggle to impose itself on the competition?