PS5 More Powerful Than Xbox Scarlett: Another Source Supports This Scenario

PS5 More Powerful Than Xbox Scarlett: Another Source Supports This Scenario

What next-gen would be without the inevitable power comparisons? Both Sony and Microsoft, on different occasions, have dropped the top cards revealing the main features of their next-generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett, both still without a final name.

Both will rely on AMD production technology with Ray Tracing support, they will be backward compatible, they will have SSDs to speed up the loads in the games and support video output up to 8K. Project Scarlett, according to what Microsoft declared during the E3 2019 conference, will be four times more powerful than Xbox One X and will even reach an 8K resolution at 120Hz. Amazing values ​​that, in our opinion, will be the prerogative of a few less demanding titles, and certainly not of the triple-A.

Interesting elements, but certainly not sufficient to outline an exhaustive framework, essential to establish which of the two is more powerful. In any case, someone who claims to be well-informed has already become unbalanced. The first was Andrew Reiner of Game Informer: according to his sources, PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than Xbox Scarlett. In the past few hours, Colin Moriarty, a former journalist for IGN USA, joined the choir, and during the last episode of Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcastdeclared that PS5 ” absolutely more powerful” than its counterpart.

Although Reiner and Moriarty are certainly not the last to arrive, we advise you to take this information with pincers, since they are not official and cannot in any way be verified with the food available to us.