Death Stranding on PS4: Explained the Constant Reference to the “Videogame of Hideo Kojima”

Death Stranding on PS4: Explained the Constant Reference to the

Through a long open letter published several times on the pages of Twitter, the boss of Kojima Productions wanted to explain the reason for the continuous references to the words “A Hideo Kojima Game” in the videos and promotional images of Death Stranding.

“33 years ago, in the videogame industry the development teams were composed of only 5 or 6 people” , stresses Metal Gear’s father before broadening the concept and explaining that he had to “create concepts, write history, fix the specifications, draw maps on graph paper, set the highlights of the gameplay, program the software, manage a simplified language on a logical basis, compile images in binary code, conduct tests and even write the manual “ .

Kojima also states that he had to “take care of business management, produce and promote my projects. Even when development teams got bigger and tasks were split, my way of creating video games never changed, I have an approach and a typically indie style. I want to be involved in the creation of my video games from beginning to end. Hence the question of the words ‘A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME'”.

The commercialization of Death Stranding is scheduled for November 8 in exclusive (perhaps only temporary?) On PlayStation 4. To the peculiar communication strategy of Hideo Kojima, we have dedicated a special signed by Gabriele Carollo and an in-depth video that covers the most that thirty-year career of the brilliant developer and master of Japanese communication from Metal Gear to Death Stranding.