Super Mario Bros. in Battle Royale Version? It Exists, and It Is Also Free!

Super Mario Bros. in Battle Royale

Loved and hated at the same time, the battle royale is literally dominating the market of multiplayer video games for a couple of years now. No one, however, had ever thought of turning Super Mario Bros. for NES into a battle royale … until this time. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Mario Royale!

Created by a fan who calls himself InfernoPlus, Mario Royale is a re-enactment of the classic game starring the mustached plumber with the addition of exquisitely battle royale mechanics: up to 100 players can challenge each other in different maps where one can only emerge victorious at the end. Competitors are not allowed to interact directly with each other, but they can break blocks, get power-ups and try to defeat other players with well-placed Koopa shells. On the course, of course, a multitude of dangers are placed that Mario fans know very well, like carnivorous plants, ditches and more.

Mario Royale took 3 weeks of development, and is built in HTML5 can be played in any browser, of course completely free. Nintendo is notoriously jealous of its IPs, so this cute little game may not have a very long life. Try it as soon as you can by heading to the official Mario Royale website!