The Astral Chain Gameplay Is in the Nier Style: Automata and Bayonetta!

The Astral Chain Gameplay Is in the Nier Style: Automata and Bayonetta!

Astral Chain is one of the titles whose debut on Nintendo Switch is now quite imminent: it is therefore not surprising that the game was the center of attention during E3 2019.

The new production of Platinum Games was, in fact, the protagonist of Nintendo Direct, during which it was presented in a new trailer with rather dramatic tones. The game then returned to show during the Nintendo Treehouse: in fact, two different gameplay sessions were shown to the public from the Los Angeles location, which deepened, among others, the Astral Chain combat system.

To provide further details on the game, a rather peculiar video now arrives, whose absolute protagonist is Takahisa Taura. Inside, the Director of Astral Chain highlights three elements that will characterize the game.

  • The first of these is related to the style of gameplay, which, according to what reported, will be located halfway between two other great Platinum Games productions: NieR: Automata and Bayonetta ;
  • The second element highlighted is the implementation of the “Dual Action” system, which includes the “control of two characters at a time “. Through this, we can use two characters to fight an enemy, but also to face a multitude of opponents. It is also highlighted that the Legions will have different forms and that your alter ego will be able to support them with the use of different items.
  • The third element highlighted by Taura is very peculiar: the Director keeps us informed that many … cats will be present in Astral Chain! Placed in different places, he hopes we will have fun trying to sight them.