The Price of the Xbox Scarlett Will Be Announced Soon, Promises Microsoft

The Price of the Xbox Scarlett Will Be Announced Soon, Promises Microsoft

On the sidelines of Microsoft’s E3 2019 conference, Xbox division boss Phil Spencer discussed Project Scarlett ‘s announcement and offered an important clarification of the timing that Redmond’s home intends to follow in unveiling the price of its next-gen console expected at the launch at the end of 2020.

During a streaming event organized on Microsoft’s Mixer during the Los Angeles fair, Spencer tackled the topic of Xbox Scarlett and stated that “the price will be important. Clearly, price is one of those things that people want to know, and since we are trying to evaluate the cost of the technological components that are coming, we want to understand what the price that those components will have next year will be”.

While claiming not to know yet the cost of components such as the Zen 2 CPUs , the hyper-fast SSDs , the GDDR6 memories and the AMD Navi GPUs that will be used to shape the new Microsoft console and aim (very probably without success) to the 8K standard and 120Hz , the man at the head of the Xbox division is keen to stress that “we already have a price in mind and I think we will stick to that, but we want to be sure that everything is in the right place to reach that target. So yes, our intention is to know the price of the console as soon as possible and to announce it as soon as we can, so that people can make these decisions”.

In recent days, the well-known Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter considered highly probable the possibility that Microsoft and Sony decide to set the price of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett at $399, perhaps choosing to sell their next-gen consoles at a loss in hope to return production costs as soon as possible thanks to the increase in the installed base. The announcement of the total backward compatibility with the games of the previous consoles would go exactly in this direction and would suggest, precisely, the willingness of the two companies to market PS5 and Xbox Scarlett at a relatively low price.