E3 2019: 83% of the Games Presented Show Violent Scenes or Mechanics

E3 2019: 83% of the Games Presented Show Violent Scenes or Mechanics

According to a study by GamesIndustry, only 17% of the games shown at the E3 in Los Angeles have no mechanical or violent scenes while the remaining 83% fall into this category.

According to the study, 239 video games were presented at the American fair, 41 without any reference to violence, of which only 7% (or 17 games) published by a ” Major Publisher ” while others linked to ID @ Xbox and Square Enix Collective.

GamesIndustry points out that ” most modern video games are focused on mechanics such as combat and killing “, without wishing to make controversy but with the aim of highlighting a lack of creativity on the part of publishers and developers, increasingly in crisis of ideas and ready to satisfy an audience that evidently tends to ask for products of this type with increasing frequency.

It must be said that the criteria used for the study are not too clear, as even Luigi’s Mansion 3 was included in the violent games category for the possibility of ” slamming ” the captured ghosts. GamesIndustry closes its research praising Electronic Arts for the balance of the lineup (thanks to the numerous sports titles) and sticking to Square Enix, which presented only a minor game (funded through the Square Enix Collective program) without violent mechanics.