Fortnite: The Purple Color Invades the New Store Update

Fortnite Is Given to Cyberpunk With the New Sinapsy Skin

If purple is your favorite color and you are not superstitious enough to believe that wearing it will bring bad luck, the Fortnite store update now offers you several interesting possibilities, from skins to covers, passing through gliders, all colored in purple, for precisely.

The skins in question are the epic Synapse, 1500 V-Bucks, and the rare Dark Bomber, 1200 V-Bucks. But as we said, the purple color is also the protagonist of the new Thunder Crash pickaxe, of the Dark Glyph glider, and of the two Slurp and Hex Wave covers.

To complete the picture there is also the Daily Sales, which today offer the epic Deep Sea Dominator skin and the uncommon Crimson Scout. Also noteworthy is the Party Animal pickaxe, the all-red glider Gum Drop, and the emote Gun Show and Old School.

Meanwhile, in Fortnite a building in Pacific Park has been destroyed, while for fans of the famous TV series, an interesting crossover is about to arrive in the Fortnite x Stranger Things event.

So many news on the horizon for the famous Epic Games Battle Royale.