Play Pokémon Red on a Calculator? Now You Can

Play Pokémon Red on a Calculator

“Mom, I need a more powerful calculator!” From today you can officially use this excuse to be able to play undisturbed Pokémon of the old generation, for a bit of retro gaming from the truly nerdy and retro flavor.

We are obviously joking, nobody wants you to sacrifice hours of study to play with Pokémon, but it is still interesting and fanciful the video that is running on the net in these hours, which shows how it is possible to play with Pokémon Rosso, precisely, using a calculator.

The model in question is the Texas Instruments TI-83, on which it is possible to run a copy of Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow, being the calculator equipped with a processor very similar to that of the original Game Boy, and therefore, in theory, can play games from the famous Nintendo portable console.

As mentioned at the beginning, a video showing the video game on the particular device also appeared on Reddit. In short, if Nintendo Switch is uncomfortable for you, or if you are looking for a way to camouflage your gaming hours, you now have one more tool.

Are you bored in math class? Simple solution: play Pokemon on your calculator. from pokemon