Police Stories Announced on Nintendo Switch

Police Stories Announced on Nintendo Switch

An explosive blend of action and tactics, this top-down shooter propels you into breathtaking situations where you’ll have to act in the blink of an eye. Neutralize criminals, rescue civilians and defuse bombs in Solo and Coop online!

The game will be released on September 19, 2019, on the eShop of the Nintendo Switch.

Ruthless and uncompromising, each mission tells the story of John Rimes and Rick Jones, two cops whose daily routine is to infiltrate gang references, rescue hostages, apprehend suspects and deal with other extreme situations.

  • The submission system allows you to capture the perpetrators without resorting to violence. Shoot summons, attack melee … There are several ways to induce a suspect to surrender!
  • Give orders to your partner Rick Jones. Use your teammate wisely and who knows? Maybe he’ll save you the money!
  • Each level is unique! Criminals, hostages or proofs are randomly positioned and change locations when you start again. This approach continually uncovers new situations and interesting opportunities.
  • Like any police officer worthy of the name, you have access to state-of-the-art equipment, including miniature spy cameras and explosive charges to smash the doors.
  • Various types of offenders, from petty criminals to terrorists and ultra-organized gangs. In addition to possessing weapons of their own, all enemies exhibit different behavior and greater or lesser control of firearms.
  • Complex tactical gameplay: Try not to be spotted, do not waste your ammo, check your environment regularly and neutralize suspects as quietly as possible.
  • All your actions are evaluated in real time. Be aware that playing aggressively will not allow you to score high enough to access the next mission!
  • Coop online. Complete missions in multiplayer to achieve fantastic scores and live epic moments!