Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, New Rumors About the Absence of Dlc: Elden Ring’s Fault?


In recent months the dataminer have discovered some content cut by Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and this has led many to hypothesize the possible release of future DLCs with the material in question. It seems however that things will not go exactly like this …

The insider taepoppuri (the same who first revealed the existence of Elden Ring ) confirmed that FromSoftware is not currently working on additional content for Sekiro, which is considered a ” done and finished ” experience and therefore without the need for DLC. The source makes it known that From could have thought of additional content given the success of the game but the works on Elden Ring continue at a frenetic pace and at the moment Miyazaki and his team are focused on the next project.

Elden Ring was announced at E3 in Los Angeles with a short teaser released by the publisher Bandai Namco, we look forward to more information on this realized title collaboration with George RR Martin.