Fallout 76: Bethesda Is Still Planning to Support Mod

Fallout 76: Bethesda Is Still Planning to Support Mod

According to the words of development director Chris Mayer, Bethesda is still interested in supporting the mods in Fallout 76. The operation is taking longer than expected due to the client-server model that regulates the game engine.

Speaking of the client-server structure of Fallout 76 , and how this differs from the traditional games of the series, Chris Mayer noted that “everything has changed, from scripting to the way systems work and interact with each other, because now it’s expected a round trip from the player’s client to the server for the validation of each action “ .

The client-server model, therefore, has made the implementation of the mods more complicated than usual, which is why Bethesda is still working to make it possible thanks to private servers. According to Mayer, “modding is a fundamental part of the Bethesda community, which is why it is on our roadmap. Once we start doing interesting things with private servers, we can finally allow players to change more things about the game. It is a procedure to be performed one step at a time, something we absolutely want to do. 

To learn more about the arrival of the mods in the game, therefore, all that remains is to wait for new updates from Bethesda. Meanwhile, we recall that at E3 2019 Nuclear Winter, the new battle out mode of Fallout 76, was announced.