Fortnite 9.30: The Novelties of the Royal Battle, Creative Mode and Save the World

Fortnite 9 30 The Novelties of the Royal Battle, Creative Mode and Save the World

The 9.30 update of Fortnite has arrived, and the much-followed title of Epic Games is, therefore, going to add several new features in its various ways. Let’s see in detail what the developers of the most famous Battle Royale out there thought for us.

Let’s start right from the Royal Battle, which now sees in rotation Challenge between snipers (in pairs), Terzetto and Solid Gold (in teams). The main novelty, however, is the introduction of Sguazzo Trangugio, a new drink that, when launched, spreads liquids that give health or shield to those in the area of ​​effect. If health is already at its maximum, it will give shield.

Some changes have been made to the weapons, for example, the long-range effectiveness of the heavy combat rifle has been reduced, and the usual amount of bugs and errors of various nature has been corrected, and also as regards the audio sector, the weapons sound like grenade launchers and grenades have now been improved.

As far as the Creative Mode is concerned, the Object Hunt mode has now been added, which is basically a sort of Prop Hunt, if you already know this game variant that appeared for example in Garry’s Mod or CoD. There are two teams present, one will have to hide and may take the appearance of an object on the map, and the other will have to find hidden players.

In addition, Caldera Island and the Isle of Desolation have been added, as well as many new prefabs and galleries. Also, in this case, small improvements were made to the interface and various bug fixes.

Finally, in Salva il Mondo, the new Anti-Storm Shield Defense mission, called Resistance, has been added, which consists in surviving 30 waves of enemies, while Wargamessimulations will be launched in the meantime. Not bad, right? Finally, the Commando Cromati, Ramirez Cromo, and Johnny Pressofuso are back.

For more information, please refer to the official Epic Games patches. What do you think of this new update?