Fortnite Down: Offline Server on June 18 for Update 9.30

Fortnite Down: Offline Server on June 18 for Update 9.30

Epic Games seems to want to restore the natural order of things and after having published the latest updates between Wednesday and Thursday, the update 9.30 will arrive … today, Tuesday, June 18, preceded by the usual maintenance operations that will bring Fortnite offline for a few hours.

Specifically, Fortnite will go offline on all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, iOS and Android) from 10:00 (GMT +2) on Tuesday, June 18. It is not clear when the game will be back online, we can expect a complete recovery of the servers between 12:00 and 14:00, at least considering the previous maintenance, but it is possible that this period may be longer or perhaps shorter, depending on the real size of the 9.30 patch of Fortnite .

But what will the new update introduce? At the moment there are no details, with Epic Games that has limited itself to talking about ” a refreshing drink on the way “. We will certainly know more in a few hours when this update will finally reach Fortnite’s servers, one of the novelties could be the Flare Gun shown in the trailer for the PRO-AM tournament.

It remains to be understood if, after the publication of the update, there will be space for the usual Fortnite leaks, with Epic that seems to have found a valid system to stop the leak of news, making life difficult for dataminer.