Fortnite: Update of the Store on June 18 and Lots of Leaks on Skins and New Events

Fortnite: Update of the Store on June 18 and Lots of Leaks on Skins and New Events

Not just the 9.30 Fortnite update: in Epic Games’ Battle Royale there seems to be plenty of news coming. First of all, the new store update is online, which brings the usual amount of new skins and objects, like everyday habits.

Speaking of new skins, however, it seems to have leaked a multitude of new outfits, precisely, and lots of new cosmetic items, both with regards to this latest Fortnite update and on the 4th of July, the feast of ‘American independence. Last year already, on the occasion of this holiday, new exclusive items were put up for sale, and it is, therefore, possible that the strategy is the same for this year too.

As for the updating of the store, the demonic skin Asmodeus and Callisto are on sale, which matches the Foul Play pickaxe and the Batso glider. All the objects mentioned above are of rare rank. In the Daily Sales, there are Ether and Fastball skins, True Hart and T-Pose emote, and the banana-shaped pick Peely Pick.

Returning to the leaks instead, there are 75 objects leaked, and you can find them in the gallery at the bottom of the news. Finally, it seems to have been discovered the existence of a new limited-time event, called 14 Days of Summer, a series of new daily challenges along the lines of the event already performed at Christmas.

What do you think of these new leaks? Have you already decided how to spend your V-Bucks in the Shop? For all the information on the 9.30 Fortnite update, consult our website, where you will also find the guide for the Horde Shooting mode.