GTA 6 Is Late, the New Rockstar Game Will Only Be Released on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?

GTA 6 Is Late, the New Rockstar Game Will Only Be Released on ps5 and Xbox Scarlett?

For some time there has been talking of the possible launch of GTA 6: there are those who hypothesize an exclusive temporal publication on PS5 and those who speak instead of a Cross-Gen production that will involve both PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Xbox Scarlett, with the unknown of PC output. But when will Grand Theft Auto VI be released? Let’s try to shed some light.

The Tex2 insider and dataminer points out on Twitter how five years and nine months have passed since the launch of GTA V, with GTA Online that continues to receive new content (let’s think about the next casino opening) and Rockstar Games does not seem to want to stop, with the likely start of further expansion for the multiplayer component.

In the past, the company had declared that Import / Export would be the last content update for GTA Online, this was in December 2016 but since then support has continued on a regular basis even in the following three years.

The desire to continue to support Grand Theft Auto Online has caused considerable speculation, with Rockstar Games currently working on various fronts, including GTA Online, Red Dead Online and… GTA 6. This last game has not yet been announced and many have hypothesized a possible slowdown in the works with launch planned only in 2021/2022 on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

At the moment, however, this is only a hypothesis and it is hard to believe that Take-Two and Rockstar are willing to give up the vast installed base of PS4 and Xbox One. It is certain that the announcement times are unusually long, the success of GTA Online could have changed the cards on the table and pushed the developers to new communication and commercial strategies.