The New Gwent Expansion Takes Us to Novigrad, Here Is All the News

The New Gwent Expansion Takes Us to Novigrad, Here Is All the News

While all the attention of the public seems to be channeled into Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED is keen to remember that not only futuristic titles with Keanu Reeves live man, and therefore unveils his latest expansion for Gwent, The Witcher’s card game.

This is Novigrad, which will lead us to explore the corrupt roots of the beautiful city, and adds the beauty of 90 new cards, including 15 cross-faction cards, which can, therefore, be used with old decks, and 5 new leaders, who have their personal abilities.

The game also introduces the new faction, the Syndicate: now it will be possible to use a new resource, the Crowns, which will be used to activate certain types of cards. It is also possible to place a bounty on an enemy card to earn crowns once the enemy is killed. A new mechanic that could create interesting combos. Finally, several new keywords will also be introduced.

The Novigrad expansion will be available starting June 28th. In the meantime, you can take a look at the changes made in the latest Gwent update. Good news even for those who love to play on the move: Gwent Mobile has been announced, the card game from The Witcher will therefore also land on your portable devices.