Was Amazon’s Breakaway Canceled Along With Two Other Games?

Was Amazon's Breakaway Canceled Along With Two Other Games?

Last week Kotaku reported some rumors about the problems of Amazon Game Studios, with the cancellation of various projects in development and the dismissal of dozens of key figures in the studio. Now new details emerge about it.

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has canceled at least three PC games, including Breakaway , a ” mythological setting brawler with fantasy elements ” developed by Double Helix: development was interrupted in April 2018 due to no better-specified problems, in the following months the study resumed work on the project but it seems that this has never reached the quality standards required by Amazon.

We do not know which are the other two canceled games, one of which presumably has not yet been announced. Most of Amazon Game Studios’ problems seem to come from the Lumberyard Engine, a proprietary CryEngine-based engine, which would be creating quite a few headaches for developers. An anonymous source said that ” using this engine was like driving a train while the tracks have yet to be placed on the ground. “

Amazon, for its part, has not commented on these rumors, which therefore remain a rumor without confirmation, despite the presence of a reliable source such as the Wall Street Journal.