Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Nomura Talks About Dialogue, New Look From Tifa and Honey Bee Inn

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Nomura Talks About Dialogue, New Look From Tifa and Honey Bee Inn

Interviewed by Weekly Famitsu editors after the spectacular gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 Remake from E3 2019, the director Tetsuya Nomura pointed out the road that his development team intends to follow to shape the narrative and playful layout of this highly anticipated JRPG exclusively on PS4.

According to what Nomura illustrated to Famitsu’s colleagues (with statements reported by Gematsu), the dialogue system will be expanded with the introduction of new options that will contribute to making it more dynamic based on the content of the answers we will provide to the PNG on duty.

Among the novelties that we will experience there will be the Watchmen of Fate, mysterious creatures glimpsed in the dark fog of the E3 trailer that we will often encounter during the main campaign. Regarding the changes made to the main characters, Nomura then explains that he wanted to make Tifa more athletic to adapt his approach to combat his iconic clothing style.

No less important are the clarifications related to the Honey Bee Inn, whose return in FF7 Remake will be accompanied by a restyling that will touch many other settings: it will be precisely this necessary remaking work to give developers the opportunity to expand the universe of game with new enemies, events and levels that, according to Nomura, will blend harmoniously with the contents of the original masterpiece.

Recently, producer Yoshinori Kitase said he was committed to reconstructing Final Fantasy 7 for a new era, thus highlighting the intention to innovate the playful layout of the project to update its graphic, technical, narrative and game experience in view of its episodic release on PlayStation 4 starting March 3, 2020.